Question: What Is GOMED?

Answer: GOMED Is an online marketplace for safe health products and services in African communities.

Question: Why should I register on GOMED?


  • Selling on GOMED.NG is very easy.
  • You do not have to pay anything to register.
  • Visit, Click on the “become a vendor” icon on the footer to register, follow the steps and register. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • To reach more consumers within and outside your locations
  • To increase sales volumes
  • To help digitize your brand, empower and support your business

Question: How does this work?


  • Visit, Click on the “become a vendor” icon on the footer to register
  • Once you are signed up, you will receive an email on step by step to proceed with us
  • A member of our team will also guide you through the onboarding process.

Question: What does it require to register?

Answer: Your Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Certificate and Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) License.

Question: How will I package the item?

Answer: GOMED branded packaging materials (Boxes and Bubble wraps) will be sent to your physical store (pharmacy) after registration.

Question: Who will pick up or deliver the item?

Answer: Our logistics partner will handle the delivery. There are 2 options;

  • Self pick up at your pharmacy
  • Home delivery

Question: Will I pay for Logistics?

Answer: The customer pays for shipping. If a wrong item is shipped to a customer, the dispensing pharmacy will have to bear the shipping cost. 

Question:  How long will it take before I get my money for the products supplied?

Answer: Your account will be credited within 48 hours.

Question: What are your terms and conditions?

Answer: A drafted vendor agreement will be sent to you after a successful sign-up for review and endorsement.

Question: When was your company founded?

Answer: FINNBLUE Technologies Nig Ltd was founded in August 2021, a subsidiary of  FINNBLUE Technologies Ltd Finland (2017)

Question: Who are your board of directors?

Answer: Kindly click here to get acquainted with our team.

Question: Do you have a physical address in Nigeria?

Answer:  Yes, 82 Murtala Muhammed Way, Ebute Metta, Lagos State, 101245 

Question: How do I list my products on your webshop?

Answer: The Gomed Team will help you upload your products on the webshop after successful registration, 

Question: How many products can I list?

Answer: You can list an unlimited number of products

Question: What is your commission rate?

Answer: 5% of each order successfully paid for and delivered.

Question: What is your subscription fee, how often do I need to renew?

Answer: You enjoy a free subscription on GOMED.NG platform when you come onboard

Question: What is GOMED’s return policy?

Answer: In order to ensure customer satisfaction and to always improve its sales, GOMED guarantees returns in the following cases:

  • The product delivered is not the one ordered
  • The product is damaged or defective
  • The seal of the delivered package has been tampered with.
GOMED puts its entire attention in your protection. The items can be returned only if the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • The product is sent back immediately through the dispatch rider
  • The product is sent back within 24 hours
  • The product is still in its original packaging
  • The product has not been used
  • There isn’t any missing part of the product
  • In the case of a tampered seal, the customer must not accept such an order from the dispatch rider

Question: If I experience any issue using the GOMED platform, who do I contact?

Answer: You can reach our customer support team via;

Question: Can I sell short dated products or products close to expiry?

Answer: Products/Drugs displayed on GOMED.NG must not be less than 6 months close to expiration. However short dated products can be sold at a discounted price with the expiry date clearly stated

Question: How would Pharmacies compete with each other? Would we all have the same price or our different prices?

Answer: Respective pharmacies are responsible to fix prices of their products. However, we advise that prices be fair to encourage more customers to make purchases from your store.

Question: When customers make orders, are you planning to select the pharmacy to deliver based on location proximity, price or at the customer's discretion?

Answer: This is solely at the discretion of customers.

Question: Would you be providing the delivery service for the ordered products?

Answer: We've partnered with Kwik logistics. They'll be in charge of order shipping/delivery.

Question: Will there be any benefits or merits in the long run?

Answer: Absolutely! access to a digital store, unlimited product listing, no geographical limitation, open 24 hours, increase turnover/revenue amongst others.

Question: How do you boast to be different (or better) than existing online medicine outlets?

Answer: Honesty, Transparency and Patent-centricity are some of our core values. With our "WIN, WIN, WIN" strategy, our partners are glued to us. "Win" for Gomed, "Win" for the community pharmacies and "WIN" for the patients/customers..